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How to Win $500 in the Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction Survey


Taco Bell has been a go-to fast food chain for decades, and it continues to attract more customers every day. One of the reasons for its success is its commitment to providing the best customer experience possible. To ensure that they keep providing top-notch service and products, Taco Bell conducts an online survey called Tellthebell.

Tellthebell is a feedback survey that provides Taco Bell fans with a perfect opportunity to voice their opinions and reviews. The survey is introduced by the company’s founder, Glen Bell. The best part about this survey is that it gives customers a chance to win a reward of $500. You can only win this reward by submitting your answers to the Tellthebell survey homepage.



Why Taco Bell Conducts the Tellthebell Survey

There are several reasons why Taco Bell conducts this survey, including:

  1. Attracting more customers and creating additional traffic on the website: Through the survey, Taco Bell attracts new customers and generates more traffic on their website.
  2. Getting to know the opinions of customers: The customers provide honest feedback, give suggestions and opinions about the product and service of Taco Bell.
  3. Building a database of customers: Taco Bell acquires information about its customers to build a database of those who are interested in their products and services.
  4. Attracting new customers: Through the survey, Taco Bell attracts new customers to their company.

How to Take the Tellthebell Survey Online

Taking the Tellthebell survey is easy and straightforward. Follow these simple steps to give your feedback and have a chance to win the $500 reward:

Step 1: Go to or

Step 2: Rate your satisfaction with the experience using a five-point scale. Enter the store code, date, and time from the top of your receipt and click start when you are ready.

Step 3: Rate your satisfaction with the food, service, team members, cleanliness, portion size, and accuracy using the five-point scale as before.

Step 4: Answer whether you had a problem during your visit. If yes, you will be asked to explain the issue and if it was resolved. If no, you will proceed to step 6.

Step 5: Answer if you would recommend the restaurant to others.

Step 6: You will be asked to explain why you were satisfied or dissatisfied with your experience. This is optional, but it can give a lot of helpful information. Please type your answer into the text box.

Step 7: There is a countdown for the amount of words/characters you type.

Step 8: Finally, you will be asked if you purchased specific items, such as a hard taco. If you did purchase the item, you will be asked if it looked full and delicious.

Step 9: You will be asked if you want to enter the drawing. Select yes or no. If you select no, you are finished and can close your browser.


The Tellthebell survey is a great opportunity for Taco Bell customers to give their feedback and have a chance to win a reward of $500. Taco Bell values its customers’ opinions, and your feedback can help them improve their services and products. So, the next time you visit a Taco Bell outlet, make sure to take the Tellthebell survey and share your thoughts.

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