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Iranian Caviar: Dark Gem Of The Caspian Sea.


It is believed that the Caspian Sea houses an array of aquatic animals and fish. However, it is mostly renowned for its Caviar. Over 90 percent of the world’s Caviar comes from the Caspian Sea. It is also thought to be a valuable gift from Iran.

Sturgeon fish is among the rare species of aquatic life on the globe. Five exceptional species of this fish are found on the Caspian Sea, including the Beluga Sturgeon and the Starry Sturgeon, as well as the Russian sturgeon and the Persian sturgeon, along with the gold-colored sturgeon. The importance of sturgeon is not in the meat but due to the value of the eggs referred to as Caviar, also known as “black pearl.” Golden, red and black Caviar comprise the three kinds of Caviar. Of the three, black Caviar is the most valuable, but their nutritional significance is similar. However, black Caviar is most commonly popular within Iran and southern Russia,e red Caviar is most well-known throughout Siberia and East Asia.



What is the process by which Iranian Caviar is harvested? In the past, the sturgeon would be intoxicated using the help of a mallet made of rubber to prevent the tail from being moved. They then empty the Caviar before selling the meat. Today due to the decreasing numbers of these fish, eggs are taken from the fish’s stomach using the process of cesarean, and a few eggs are kept in the belly of the fish to spawn later. Fish are kept in special pools for 3 months. After that, they are identified and returned to the ocean. This procedure can be carried out up to six times per fish.

What can Iranian Caviar be served?

Iranian Caviar is considered the most expensive breakfast served anywhere in the world. Many people who love Caviar take it as raw food or mix it with egg yolks or chopped onions. It is often used as a seasoning for food or appetizer or even mixed with other food items. Some people prefer it cold, without bread. Although some like the sour smell and flavor of Caviar, some may need to see the taste or aroma of it to be appealing. Remember that you aren’t permitted to add any spice!

Since Caviar is at risk of spoiling spoiled, salt was added when fishermen were fishing. Nowadays, due to the advancement of methods to preserve food and other techniques, such as freezing or using preservatives, are utilized to protect Caviar. Making low-salt Caviar results from these advances, and many people choose to drink this type of Caviar.

What is the Caviar’s nutritional value?

This delicious food has proven to provide health benefits. It aids in preventing the development of cardiovascular diseases and depression because of its omega-3 fatty acids. It is extremely nutritious and even more beneficial than fish meat. Also, Caviar consumption can be very helpful to the health of nerve cells. Every tablespoon provides 11% of magnesium, iron, and 15% selenium the body needs.

The principal areas of caviar fisheries in Iran

The primary location to fish for Caviar is in the southern part of the Caspian Sea, particularly Sefidrud. Researchers had reported there was a time when more than 500 tonnes of Caviar were taken from Sefidrud. Other areas of the caviar fishery in Iran are Astara, Kiashahr, and Qarasu, where sturgeon farms were set up on the banks of the rivers.

The primary reason behind the movement of fish towards the southern part of the Caspian Sea was a favorable environment for spawning and living. But, because of the extremely cold winters and the shallow depths in the northern portion of the Caspian Sea, there are more suitable habitats for sturgeon. The construction of massive dams along streams and the pollution caused by ships and factories are also considered to be other major reasons for the influx of sturgeon towards the southern regions of Iran.

Substitutes for Caviar

In the late nineteenth century, people started eating eggs of other kinds of fish and different types of sturgeon. While they’re not at the same level of sophistication as Caspian Caviar from sturgeon, they are delicious and much more affordable.

  • Salmon roe. Salmon caviar’s red eggs are commonly used in Japanese dishes as garnishes. It’s usually derived in the form of Coho Salmon or Chinook Salmon native to that region of the Pacific Northwest. It gives the classic pop when you bite.
  • The role of Trout. Trout breed larger, gold eggs, which are used in ways similar to Caviar to garnish food or an appetizer.
  • This sturgeon species is found in the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. Like beluga caviar, the eggs are nutty, dark brown, black, or black.
  • Paddlefish caviar. Another freshwater sturgeon from within the United States, paddlefish produce eggs similar to wild sturgeon from the Caspian Sea with a buttery earthy taste.
  • Seaweed caviar. For vegetarians and anyone who isn’t a fan of the texture or taste of Caviar from fish, Seaweed is made into pearl-sized balls and blended with spices and salt to provide a healthy alternative sustainable and environmentally sustainable to Caviar.

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The most important thing is the bottom line.

Caviar refers to eggs or roes that are collected from certain sturgeon fish.

Besides being delicious, it’s extremely nutritious, offering high quantities of omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin B12, and many other minerals and vitamins, even in small portions.

If you’re seeking a reason to indulge in Caviar occasionally, You’ll be happy to know that it could help your brain, skin, heart, your immune system. The omega-3s present in Caviar can increase male fertility.

Remember that most research is based on animal or test-tube studies, often involving extracts and that human studies taking fresh Caviar are required to understand the effects better..

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