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Should You Hire a Debt Collection Attorney for Your Business?

When it comes to business, you’re constantly faced with that looming threat of performing excellent work for a customer who doesn’t pay. While it’s a hassle, this does not mean you are entirely without recourse. You can seek legal recourse to get the money that you owe. In this instance, it is necessary to have an attorney for debt collection for help. Before you take this route, you must know the basics of this kind of attorney, including what you need to know before hiring one and how different they are from collections companies.

What is a debt recovery attorney?

A debt collection lawyer is a professional who will assist you in establishing legal strategies to recover the debt of clients who are not paying. Their work is usually filling out and filing documents on your behalf, and if your case is referred to court, most of them will take on your case at court.

However, certain debt collection lawyers tend to be more inclined to advocate for creditors over debtors. In such cases, attorneys protect the people who are being sued.

Key Takeaway

A debt collection lawyer is a lawyer that assists you in establishing and executing legal strategies to recover a debt due to you.

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What are the best times to employ an attorney to collect your debts?

There is a chance that you will need an attorney to collect your debts for the following reasons:

It is expected that your case will proceed to trial. If you’ve been trying to collect the credit card for so long that you anticipate requiring an order from a judge before you have your money back, you must engage a debt collector. While you could argue your case in the courtroom, an attorney knowledgeable about the pertinent law will be better positioned to secure an outcome in your favor.

The first step is to write demand letters. For instance, suppose you anticipate hearing the case in court but prefer not to pursue a lawsuit. This is where demand letters come into play. In these legal documents, you’ll tell your story and tell the client they will not be subject to legal consequences if they pay the amount. When clients who aren’t paying get these forms that mention legal action makes them make payments before suing. An attorney for debt collection can assist in writing efficient legally-sound demand letters.

The client is owed a minimum of $5,000. Experts in debt collection suggest employing a debt collection lawyer when a client who isn’t paying you has a debt of $5,000 or more. The general rule is that as it is substantial enough that the expense of legal representation is worthwhile to go through the court process, hiring an attorney can be a wise option.

The client you are dealing with is a big business. More prominent companies typically have more excellent options to resist efforts to force them to pay off their obligations. Attorneys for debt collection are usually experienced in how large businesses can benefit from these tools and can therefore be beneficial when collecting corporate debt.

Suppose you require any other legal assistance or advice for debt collection. Discussions on the collection of debts typically include collection companies. They are not able to offer legal advice or initiate lawsuits. Only a lawyer can do that. A debt collector will know all relevant laws and will be able to advise you.

Key Takeaway

It is recommended to hire an attorney for debt collection if you are pursuing debts with a large amount of seeking repayment from big corporations or need legal help in the course of action.

Things to think about when you hire an attorney for debt collection?

When looking for the best debt collection lawyer, You should research and look at the following information regarding each potential candidate:

  • What’s the price that a lawyer for debt collection charges? The expense for filing a court action to resolve your debts usually exceeds several hundred dollars. If you win, you’ll need to cover one-third of the debt you’ve recovered and additional charges for your debt collection agent. While you look for an attorney, be sure to inquire about their fee structure and consider whether you can afford the cost of having to appear in court.
  • Do the skills of your attorney match your situation? A few debt collection lawyers have a knack for getting cases over large corporations; however, they don’t know how small businesses can handle debts. Request that any lawyer candidates give their experience to help you determine where they excel and what areas they lack. If you must go to court, pick one with the most skills for the job.
  • Are they experts on your particular type of debt? An attorney’s expertise isn’t the sole indicator of whether they’re a good fit for the needs of your business. In other words, an attorney proficient in resolving debts of large firms may not be able to retrieve the debts tied to small-business rental equipment. Talk about the type of debt you have with the potential lawyer to understand better whether their service can help you.
  • What are their strategies for communicating? Lawyers are often active. However, their busy schedule shouldn’t hinder their communications with you. You’re sure to be able to gauge your debt collection attorney’s method of communication when searching for lawyers. However, that initial impression can only tell you a little. It is essential to inquire about what frequency your attorney will keep you informed throughout the process and decide if they can help you.
  • What can their reference books say about their reputation? A reputable debt collection agency must have a listing of references – usually previous clients that are readily available. They should not have any issues connecting them with the reference sources. Utilize the information you gather from these sources to determine whether an attorney is right for you.
  • Are they working on their own or as part of a company? An independent lawyer may be working in a different firm since their strategies are most effective when they run the show (and If you’re a freelancer with debts, you likely relate). But, they may lack resources, including time, that companies can better access.
  • Do they be representing you in court? The debt collection lawyer may be a legal advocate for you. However, not every lawyer can do so. Confident attorneys work as consultants and never set their feet in court. If you’re unaware of that preference before time, you might get a foot in the door when it’s time to file a lawsuit. If you need an attorney who can go to court, ensure it’s your lawyer that you’re hiring.

Key Takeaway

When you’re looking to hire an attorney for debt collection, consider things like their charges, the specialties they specialize in, and whether they’ll be representing your case before a judge.

Hiring a debt collection attorney, in contrast. Employing a collection agency

In the past, if you were looking for legal advice, then you’ll have to employ a debt collection lawyer instead of an agency to collect. Consider the following factors before deciding between an attorney or an agency.

  • Costs. Certain collection companies will demand 25 percent of the amount to collect, and some will even cost 50 percent. The fee of 25% will likely be less than the amount a lawyer would cost, and 50% will cost greater. In some instances, an order of the court to your advantage will need the debtor to pay costs for your lawyer, meaning your expenses may not be a factor.
  • Probability of payment from the client. If you’re not sure if your client will be able to pay, it’s worth beginning with an agency. If you’re confident that the client doesn’t intend to pay, taking them directly to a lawyer could make it easier for you to save time and cash.
  • Urgency. Collection agencies cannot directly force the debtor to pay or even file lawsuits that bring the way to this end. However, lawyers who collect a debt can issue demand letters with legal letterheads that could force debtors to act even before filing a formal suit. In addition, only lawyers can represent the client in court and get a legally binding ruling from the judge.

The amount of money you’d like to spend to appear in court. If you’re not committed to the courtroom or hiring a lawyer, it might not be worthwhile. For this, opt for an agency for collection or leave the obligation to. Certain debts that are overdue believe you or not, can be better kept unclaimed. The acquisition of new customers can be a quicker, more secure, and, most importantly, less stressful solution to fill the gap in cash flow that your debtor is leaving.

Key Takeaway

In deciding if you want to use a debt collection company or an attorney, consider the costs and capabilities of each against how likely the consumer will pay the debt, the urgency of the debt, and the amount you’d like to take to the courts.

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